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RMG’s concierge-style, sophisticated services are uniquely tailored to each client. We consider all aspects of our clients’ intricate and often complicated lives.

We are the personal CFO essential for financial success - anticipating needs and helping strategically manage their finances – so that every single financial goal is mapped out and achieved.

Our expertise lies in collecting and protecting all that is earned and we take tremendous pride in providing clients with the resources necessary to ensure present and future success. RMG’s proven solutions are built upon solid planning, disciplined execution and accountability to you. Transparency is paramount.

What we offer

& Planning

  • Cash flow management and planning
  • Tax planning and compliance
  • Review of contracts in coordination with counsel
  • Debt planning
  • Investment review in consultation with investment professionals
  • Obtaining insurance coverage in consultation with insurance professionals
  • Negotiation of real estate and major asset acquisitions
  • Estate planning in coordination with counsel
  • Planning transfer of wealth from generation to generation
  • Arranging financing and specialty insurance for your luxury items
  • Charitable planning and private foundation review


  • Budgeting, projection of expenses, accounting of revenue, insurance and payment of bills
  • Financial record keeping
  • Depositing of all income
  • Managing and monitoring check receipts and bill payments
  • Bookkeeping Services
  • Monthly reporting
  • Household sta payroll
  • Risk management

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"Whether you’re responsible for the well-being of corporate executives, or managing your finances as a business owner, the right financial planning really can make a difference."


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