Your dedicated business advisor will lead you through our process:

The tax and accounting needs for entertainment industry sectors vary greatly. Our firm's entertainment accounting services are designed for all kinds of businesses associated with the entertainment industry, including actors, DJs, models, musicians, producers, directors, agencies and more.


Building a foundation

Our advisors work with you to create a structured business entity to provide a foundation to run your brand as a business.

First, we start by getting to know you - your industry, your goals, and ultimately, help you proactively develop optimized tax and wealth building strategies to regulate cash flow and minimize tax liabilities.

We will help you:

  • Manage the complexities associated with promotion costs, royalties and tour expenses
  • Organize your various income streams including tours, events, appearances and photoshoots
  • Oversee your various personal and business expenses from your home to your entourage


Managing Your Business

With our expertise, we provide industry-specific services that carefully manage the unique accounting nuances of the industry.

With our leading bill payment system and audit, accounting, tax, and advisory services that are tailored specifically to the entertainment industry, it allows personal and business bookkeeping to flow seamlessly into our tax planning and preparation work.

Alongside your team of CFPs, JDs, and agents, we help you with:

  • Your trust and estate planning, asset management, and investment monitoring
  • Succession planning, real estate consulting, and philanthropic planning and execution
  • Your administrative intricacies


Providing You with Guidance

To help you prepare for the future and make the most of your income, our dedicated advisors work closely with your CFP to create systematic plan to develop your current investments into ongoing wealth building strategies.

Entertainment personalities and production companies must carefully manage the risks they take on — financially, personally, and with regard to their “brand” reputation.

We provide you with:

  • An evaluation of current coverage, identify cost saving possibilities, and make recommendations to fill gaps in coverage
  • Comprehensive and transparent tour budgets and reporting
  • Monthly bank reconciliations and periodic cash flow reports
  • Oversight into your business and personal financial affairs

Be on the right track to financial stability

We can assist you with self assessment returns, bookkeeping, records administration and generally keeping your accounting organized.

Taxes are an important part of financial success and RMG’s tax experts are highly skilled in minimizing the impact they have on clients.

RMG’s concierge-style, sophisticated services are uniquely tailored to each client and consider their intricate and, often complicated, lives.

We reveal the numbers that you can trust to accurately describe your financial state.