We help build a foundation for a secure & successful future:

Navigating the world of finances for professional sports can be challenging. Our firms experienced accounting and tax experts offer support and guidance to help professional athletes avoid unnecessary taxes while strategically planning for life after the game.


Help manage your lifestyle

We know that as a professional athlete, you face a unique set of tax liabilities. So, we design a comprehensive strategy to always stay ahead of these challenges.

Financial management and tax preparation is a year round endeavor for professional athletes. We evaluate your daily transactions to develop realistic budgets. Developing a winning tax strategy requires us to evaluate your current assets and contracts.

We will help you with:

  • Managing revenue taxes from your income, endorsements and merchandising agreements
  • Evaluating jock tax assessed by state
  • Helping avoid unnecessary taxes and pointing out far-reaching implications due to new and renewing contracts


Defining a strategic tax plan

With our expertise, we develop solutions and provide recommendations for your most complex tax obligations and day-to-day recordkeeping, bill paying, and investment management.

Our advisors ensure that new revenue is appropriately incorporated into your financial future by creating a multi-faceted tax and retirement strategy.

We help you to :

  • Oversee new contracts, endorsements, and other prospects for increased income
  • Ensure new revenue is appropriately incorporated into your future


Proactive Retirement Planning

We help build a foundation for a secure & successful future

Professional athletes are given the opportunity to gain a significant income in a short amount of time. In order to ensure a stable financial future, we work with your team of CFPs, MBAs, and JDs to develop multi-dimensional financial, investment, and tax strategies that transform your income into future financial planning by:

  • Using our expertise to tailor budgeting, investing, and risk management
  • Our sports accounting professionals custom retirement savings strategy
  • Financial security after an unexpected early retirement, injury, or contract release

Be on the winning team

We understand the complexities of accounting for the sports industry and possess the experience to efficiently manage your finances and save you money on taxes.

Taxes are an important part of financial success and RMG’s tax experts are highly skilled in minimizing the impact they have on clients.

RMG’s concierge-style, sophisticated services are uniquely tailored to each client and consider their intricate and, often complicated, lives.

We reveal the numbers that you can trust to accurately describe your financial state.