Ensuring you live the life you always want with a stable financial future.

Our expertise reigns above the rest. The skill set that we possess resides in our knowledge and ability to enhance the lives of those in the entertainment, music and sports industry through our financial guidance.

RMG's customized services are based on your unique assets and income streams, whether that be in; music, television, social media, or branding.

While physical prowess can take an athlete to the top, it takes careful financial planning to ensure sports stars are supported long after the final whistle.

  • taxes

    Tax Management

    Taxes are an important part of financial success and RMG’s tax experts are highly skilled in minimizing the impact they have on clients.

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    Business Management

    RMG’s concierge-style, sophisticated services are uniquely tailored to each client and consider their intricate and, often complicated, lives.

  • audit

    Audit & Forensic Accounting

    We reveal the numbers that you can trust to accurately describe your financial state.

“Being RELENTLESS means being in the trenches on a 24/7 basis to protect our clients and their assets."


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